Earth Day

Earth Day

Established in 1970 after a horrific oil spill in California, Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 annually in the United States. Not only is it about spending outside and reconnecting with nature. This holiday also aims to raise awareness and advocate for climate-related issues. 


In 2023 the theme of this year’s Earth Day is all about investing in our planet. This means that businesses all around the world need to act now. If they don’t take action, there will be no future investments to make as climate change will affect more than just our economies. We’ve seen many organizations and companies attempt this in the past year by engaging in more sustainable practices. 


We have compiled a list of brands and companies we think to hold sustainable values that align with the goals of Earth Day.


Pela Case

Based out of Canada, this technology brand creates accessories that are entirely home-compostable! Instead of creating phone cases, and watch accessories out of plastic, they use environmentally sensible materials in hundreds of unique colors and designs. Not only that, but all of their shipping materials are recyclable as well. 


Bird Collective

This brand is a haven for ornithologists everywhere. Merchandise for everyone, this brand advocates for bird species that have seen a dangerous decline in population over recent years. The brand donates a portion of sales to bird conservation and advocacy groups across the country.



You may have heard on the news that the previous owner of Patagonia gave away his company valued at 3 billion dollars! Yvon Chouinard transferred ownership to a non-profit organization to help combat climate change, a consistent goal of the Patagonia company. 


Dr. Bronners

This brand is a great option for those who enjoy wonderful-smelling products, without plastic. Through Organic farming methods, they actively aim for zero waste in their production.