Matter Mission
The Matter Mission

Saving our world from plastic waste

At Matter, challenging the status quo inspired us to create plant-based products that are both high quality and kind to the planet. Our vision is simple: To make ingenious products that solve everyday problems and facilitate ecological responsibility – without sacrificing strength or asking you to make huge changes. As we challenge conventional thinking, we invite you to do the same by replacing the current single-use products you buy every day with Matter compostables.

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Preserving Our Environment

The problem Of the 8.3 Billion metric tons of plastic produced since the 1950’s, an astounding 79% has been thrown away. In fact, the average American throws out 185 pounds of plastic each year. It can take hundreds of years for plastic to decompose and, as it does, it can leach toxic chemicals into the soil.

How you can help Simple things like eliminating single-use plastic products from your lifestyle will significantly help. Choosing compostable Matter products is an easy way to do your part in solving the plastic problem.

Saving Our Seas

The problem It is estimated that the weight of all the plastic pollution in our oceans will outweigh that of all the sea life by the year 2050. Today, there is 500 times more microplastic in the ocean than stars in the galaxy. Plastic often gets mistaken by sea creatures as food or entangles them, causing life-long pain and suffering.

How you can help Saving the millions of fish, sea creatures and miles of coral reefs being harmed by plastic pollution may be as simple as reducing the amount of one-use plastic we consume. Using Matter products that completely compost in a matter of months is a superior choice compared to plastic. 

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Protecting Future Generations

The problem The impact of plastic pollution on our planet – and ultimately our society – is compounding; so the effects of the next 50 years will far outweigh the impact of the last 50. Protecting our children and future generations must be a priority.

How you can help There’s still time for us to change course and reverse or at least slow down the devastating results of mismanaged plastic. One easy way is to choose Matter products for many of the single-use items in our daily lives.

Made from plants for a healthier planet

All Matter products fully breakdown in any composting environment, home or industrial, in a fraction of the time that it takes plastic to degrade. As they compost, Matter products provide valuable nutrients for the soil (versus the toxins that plastics can leave behind).

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Folds of Honor

NatureStar is proud to be a partner of Folds of Honor. By purchasing Matter products you help fund educational scholarships for the families of fallen or injured American heroes.