Comparing Matter
Comparing Matter

Better for you, better for the planet.

When we set out to make a viable alternative to traditional and degradable plastic, we had two goals: One, our products had to fully compost in a short period of time and, two, they had to perform as well or even better than their plastic counterparts. Now you can get high performance products that are actually good for the planet.

Plant and gardening tool in soil

Matter products produce nutrient-rich soil

While traditional plastic is breaking down it can leave toxins that leach into our soil or water tables and can even enter the food we eat. But Matter products return natural plant-based nutrients back into the earth as they compost! Feel good about using Matter products made from plants – they’ll disappear in 12 months or less and put valuable nutrients back into the soil.

High performance that’s safe for us and safe for the planet

Thanks to Matter compostables, there’s no need to compromise quality and performance. Our NatureStar technology transforms sustainable plant trimmings that would normally be tossed out into super strong biopolymers and fiber products that perform like plastic and paper – but are 100% compostable within just 12 months. Make it Matter when you purchase your single use, everyday products.

Disposable and compostable fork and knife in soil with plant
Matter disposable and compostable drawstring kitchen bag


Matter biopolymer bag products have the same tensile strength and resist tearing as well or better than traditional plastic bags. Plus, our seals keep food fresh, and drawstrings give you the performance you’ve come to expect.

Food Wrap

Matter biopolymer food wrap has the same tactile feel, stretch strength and cling as the national brands, but is fully compostable and protects without toxins that could leach into your food. Plus, Matter food wrap will disappear in 12 months or less without harming the planet!

Matter compostable and disposable food wrap over plate with food
Ice cream shake with compostable and disposable straw

Cutlery & Straws

Matter injection-molded biopolymer products perform as well as traditional plastic products. Our forks, spoons and knives are engineered to be sturdy, and our straws retain their shape.

Plates & Bowls

Matter biofibers are engineered to maintain their integrity and don’t allow even hot, greasy foods or standing liquids to soak through. Our tableware performs as well as traditional plastic products without the risk of toxic leaching.

Matter disposable and compostable plate with pancakes