General Questions


Q – What are Matter products made from?

A – Matter products are made using natural, renewable and sustainable resins and fibers that will compost in a matter of months versus plastic that can take hundreds or even thousands of years to break down.

Q – Why are Matter items better for the environment than conventional plastic?

A – Matter branded items leave a smaller environmental footprint on the planet, including less production and end-of-life waste. Materials used to create Matter product and the actual lifecycle of the items don’t have the potential to negatively affect the health of animals, birds, and aquatic life. Further, Matter items do not leave toxins behind that can leach into our soil, water tables and even the food we eat.

Q – Why is it worth it to make the switch to Matter products?

A – Help to reduce waste

  • Sustainable plant parts that would normally be discarded or burned are broken down and reconfigured.

  • Matter formulations have been designed to minimize waste when being produced into resins and converted into products

Help to decrease energy use

  • Matter products are manufactured using plant instead of mineral oils, reducing reliance on fossil fuels

  • Matter products can be manufactured at lower heat temperatures, saving energy.

Help to produce nutrients

  • As Matter items turn into compost, valuable soil nutrients are added back into the earth, becoming a soil enhancer and fertilizer. From nature, back into nature.

  • During the manufacturing process, any scraps are ground into flake and re-processed.

Q – How do I know Matter items will be effective?

A –

  • Natural additives are introduced during the manufacturing process to provide higher heat resistance

  • Plant characteristics and science breakthroughs result in greater product flexibility.

  • Natural additives used in the manufacturing process result in increased strength, and shatter resistance.

Q – How should Matter products be stored?

A – It is best to store Matter products in a cool, dry area, out of direct sunlight, with the temperature not exceeding 90°F.

Q – What is the shelf-life of Matter products?

A – Because Matter products are made from renewable materials, intended to break down over time, it is suggested that the bags/cutlery/straws/gloves are used within 6 months of purchase. It is suggested that plates and bowls are used within 3 years.

Q – Are Matter products gluten free?

A – Yes, all Matter products are gluten free


Q – Tell me more about NatureStar

A – Matter products are made using NatureStar’s proprietary and internationally certified technologies. The groundbreaking formula used in Matter products, combines the strength and durability of NatureStar technology with a focus on sustainability and environmental impact. The technology expertise of NatureStar comes from 40+ years of working with environmentally safe and sustainable bio-polymers.

Composting/Disposal Questions

Q – What is the best way to dispose of Matter/NatureStar product?

A – If accessible, an industrial/municipal* facility is best. However, you can have peace of mind knowing that however you choose to dispose of Matter products, they will breakdown in soil, leaving no toxicity or microplastic contamination behind.

*Many cities offer curbside compost/organics pick-up. Check with your city for information regarding service availability, how to get started, and types of materials accepted.

Q – What happens if I dispose of Matter/NatureStar product in the trash?

A – Matter/NatureStar products will break down in a landfill operation, however, due to the absence of light, moisture and bugs deeper in the landfill, this will take longer than if disposed of in an industrial composting site, but still return valuable nutrients into the earth. From nature, back into nature.

Q – What happens if I place Matter/NatureStar items in my backyard compost?

A – Backyard composting allows you to reduce waste going to landfills and for you to have access to the compost produced from Matter/NatureStar items in around 12 months. From nature, back into nature.

Q – Are all Matter items compostable?

A – Yes, all Matter items are compostable. In addition, many of the items in the Matter product lines are BPI certified, making them suitable for organic recycling/composting programs that require BPI labeling. Not all programs require BPI labeling in order to be placed in an organics recycling bin. 

Specific Product Questions

Snack Bags – Sandwich Bags – Storage Bags

Q – Do Matter bags come only in a natural color, or can I purchase them in clear too?

A – Matter storage bags are made from natural, plant-based materials, and therefore are not completely transparent. However, the surface of the bag can be written on in order to identify the contents of the bag.

Q – How does the performance of Matter storage bags compare to typical plastic bags?

A – Matter storage bags are made to resist tearing through tensile strength standards. They also feature a strong seal to store contents securely and extend the life of your foods. Matter storage bags are durable and strong, and can be hand-washed and reused if desired.

Q – Can Matter grip seal bags be used to keep food in a refrigerator or freezer?

A – Yes, all Matter bags are refrigerator and freezer safe.

Q – Can Matter grip seal bags be used in the microwave?

A – No. Matter grip seal bags are not microwave safe

Kitchen Bags

Q – Are Matter kitchen bags as strong as plastic garbage bags?

A – Matter drawstring compostable kitchen bags are a new concept for the US market. They are split resistant, durable, strong, easy to use and close, and designed to fit 13 gallon regular and tall trash can units. They can be used for organic food waste, household waste, garden and yard waste with confidence.

Q – Are Matter kitchen bags a natural color?

A – Because Matter storage bags are made from natural, plant-based materials they are a natural, slightly off-white color.


Q – Is Matter cutlery brittle like some plastics and PLA?

A – No, Matter cutlery has a softer feel than traditional plastic cutlery and will not break or shatter easily.

Q – Can Matter cutlery be used for hot and cold foods?

A – Matter cutlery has been designed for convenience and may be used to eat cold or hot foods.


Q - What do Matter straws look and feel like?

A – Matter straws look nearly identical to plastic straws but are softer. Matter straws will not unravel like paper straws do. 

Q – How long will Matter straws take to break down?

A – Matter straws will breakdown within 12 months, leaving only biomass behind which can be used to enhance soil.

Plates - Bowls

Q – Why is there color variation to plates and bowls?

A – Because Matter bowls and plates are made using natural, renewable and sustainable fibers, there is a natural color variation in these raw materials. This can include different shades of fibers, including darker, thin fibers sometimes visible on the surface of plates and bowls.