Man gardening plants

“Things in our life are starting to matter more and more because we have to take care of Mother Earth.”

John Oakley, Chief Science Officer at Matter Compostables

Matter™ products are made using NatureStar’s proprietary and internationally certified technologies. As part of our sustainable process, plants are converted into a strong biopolymer that has the beneficial attributes of traditional plastic, but our finished products fully compost in just a matter of months.

Matter disposable and compostable forks and spoons

Highly Sustainable | NatureStar uses sustainable plant parts that would normally be discarded or burned.

Energy Efficient | NatureStar uses far less energy to convert raw materials into product compared to conventional manufacturing.

Minimal Waste | Post-industrial scrap is ground into flakes and re-processed.

Soil Enrichment | When composted, NatureStar products release vital nutrients back into the earth.

International certifications that matter.

Biodegradable Products Institute

Many Matter products are certified BPI Compostable. BPI is North America’s leading certifier of compostable products and packaging. The BPI logo displayed on many Matter products ensures that each has gone through rigorous, 3rd party testing, and has been certified as compostable through municipal and commercial composting, according to scientifically based standards.

TUV Austria

Some other Matter products have been certified compostable by TUV Austria. TUV Austria, an international corporation, has served as a pioneer in the field of composting standards. It sets out technical requirements a product must meet to obtain certification. TUV has certification programs for both home and industrial composting.