People having picnic on the grass
The Miracle of Nature + The Magic of Science
Sturdy, plant-based, compostable products.
Compostable and disposable snack bags with fruit
Saving the Earth One Product at a Time
Simple solutions to the world’s plastic problem.
Compost bin with soil and yard waste
Made from Plants for a Healthier Planet
Putting valuable nutrients back into the soil.

You don’t have to sacrifice quality to support sustainability

Matter has mastered the art and science of blending convenience and conservation. We make high-quality, single-use products using natural, renewable, sustainably farmed plant fibers that break down within 12 months and add valuable nutrients back into the soil. Exceedingly strong and environmentally safe, Matter compostables are a healthier choice for your family and our planet.

Matter™ products compost within 12 months

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The Disturbing Truth About Plastic

8.3 billion
metric tons of plastic produced since the 1950s
of all plastic has been thrown away
Only 9%
of all plastic has ever been recycled
more microplastic in earth’s oceans today than stars in the galaxy
microplastics consumed every year by the average person